Kerry Hutchinson

Well-Travelled British Voice Actor +44 7810 431 001

You need the right voice at the right time

Human–to–human voices. They can reassure and comfort, inform and explain, take you on a journey or simply be beside you in a moment of calm. But you need the right voice at the right time.

So if you need a versatile, natural voice, with a world of global experience and business and social multicultural experience, Kerry can help you.

Suitable for: narration, including corporates, explainers, audioguides, commercials, character voices. He speaks German as a second language and so can translate scripts from German into real English.

Some of the international brands that trust Kerry's voice:

About Kerry…

Well actually it's all about you, not Kerry.

It's about how his vocal range and vibrant voice can bring your words and script to life to engage, immerse and resonate.

Because people remember far more strongly what they hear than what they see or read.

And that's what he does for you as a potential client — helping you deliver memorable messaging.

Why is he a voice actor?

Because communication is key — after all, we've been using our voices to communicate with each other for thousands of years. And because he's passionate about delivering your product so that people will remember your words.

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Awards and Accreditations

Equity Member Spotlight Member Royal Geographic Society Member VOX Awards 2021 Finalist One Voice Awards Nominee 2022 Voice Over Network Home Studio of the Year Nominee 2022

Character & Gaming Voices

Helping the player believe what they hear and see…

Scripted words just guide Kerry — the player characters have no script and their natural responses are what he creates when inhabiting them. As a trained actor, Kerry's acclaimed versatile range of registers and accents enables him to deliver believable characters in your game, be it fantasy or RPG. It also helps bring realism, Kerry has been a specialist team leader on combat operations in Afghanistan.

He has a selection of reels available, and if you think his vocal characterising and acting might help you, please request a quote from Kerry.

Games Demo

Standard AmericanSlavicMulti-Accent
Download 2.6Mb 0m 0s / 1m 20s

More Samples

AI reflects on his demise
Standard American
Download 538Kb 0m 0s / 0m 33s
Shades of Vengeance
Standard American Older Character
Download 1.5Mb 0m 0s / 1m 03s
Suicide Bomber Reflections
Middle Eastern
Download 782Kb 0m 0s / 0m 49s
Spy Assassination
British RPMelodrama
Download 544Kb 0m 0s / 0m 34s
Download 403Kb 0m 0s / 0m 25s

What happy clients are saying

Kerry combines an experienced and confident tone with an authoritative delivery which makes him, in my mind, one of the best I've ever worked with. He particularly impressed with his range of character voices. Completely unafraid to try anything he's asked, I'd recommend him every time.

EJ, Creative Director, Shades of Vengeance

Audiobooks & Audiodramas

“I haven't heard a book properly until I've had it read to me.” — Mark Hadden, author of ‘The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time’

Kerry is a seasoned and experienced audiobook narrator and story-teller across a range of genres. He records from his own pro-digital recording studio, uses an independent sound engineer to edit and get it ACX-ready, and then providing the rights holder with a final product to upload.

Or he can of course come to a recording studio of your choice.

You can hear the genres Kerry has covered in his sample reels.

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POV3rd PersonReflective
Download 1.4Mb 0m 0s / 0m 42s

Audio Drama

Download 3.2Mb 0m 0s / 3m 17s

3rd Person

POVMale voicesFemale voices
Download 6.5Mb 0m 0s / 3m 25s

Fiction Action

ActionThrillerPOV3rd Person
Download 3Mb 0m 0s / 2m 03s

Fiction Crime

1st PersonCrimePOVMale voice
Download 1.8Mb 0m 0s / 1m 15s

Non-Fiction War

POVWarMale voiceNon-fiction
Download 2.5Mb 0m 0s / 1m 19s

Non-Fiction Biography

1st PersonBioMemoires
Download 4.8Mb 0m 0s / 2m 29s

What happy clients are saying

I've listened to a few audio stories and different narrators, but in my opinion, allow me to say that Kerry absolutely stands out from the crowd. His acting is also eye-widening. Kerry's characterisation of Mountjoy is precisely as I hear him in my mind. But it's Gerald that really works for the story — Kerry absolutely brought him to life better than I did. Thank you — I can't believe how alive the story is now.

Jason Renton, author


Commercials voice actor for TV, online, radio ads and promotional projects

People remember what they hear.

So if you need a voice that inspires trust in your brand or product, with a strong range of vocal tones, Kerry can help you. He can deliver a wide range of styles from ‘mate next door’ to conversational including in his natural Northern tones.

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Car Ad

Low TonesSmooth
Download 294Kb 0m 0s / 0m 18s

Fruit Juice

Download 286Kb 0m 0s / 0m 18s


Download 204Kb 0m 0s / 0m 13s

British Red Cross

Download 607Kb 0m 0s / 0m 30s

1940s Style

Download 359Kb 0m 0s / 0m 22s

German Language Ad

Download 427Kb 0m 0s / 0m 27s


Download 629Kb 0m 0s / 0m 39s

What happy clients are saying

Kerry delivers high-quality files that need no further work — essential in fast-paced radio ad turnover. He is up there with the best and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

SG, Radio Jingles

Kerry‘s Studio

…where the magic happens…!

Kerry's professional digital-quality studio is hard-wired to the ethernet. This ensures a secure connection for your live directed sessions.

He can of course self-direct to the brief you provide and send your files to you either in WAV or MP3 format.

Kerry has a Source Connect studio, but if you have other, preferred, connectivity options, please advise and we can go from there.

Connect with Kerry on the Source Connect directory

And for those tech specs:

  • Pro digital/broadcast-quality studio with separate fully isolated walk-in recording booth
  • SE 2200 Mk II cardioid mic; Van Damme XLR quad-core cabling; mirrored DAW screens within Kerry's recording booth
  • Beyer DT 770 headphones; FocusRite Scarlett 6i6 and Pro Tools 2021.7 — all processed through his iMac

(By the way, that tumble of bass traps in the corner is a careful mess — stacked in that staggered formation to help boost accoustic quality.)

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Bringing your listener along an a journey of discovery, information, education and inspiration… because corporates aren't what they used to be…

…no, because corporates tell stories and engage the listener rather than talking ‘at’ them in the old fashioned impersonal announcer-y style.

Telling the story of your company's ethos, principles and value, need a voice that the listener can implicitly trust; a voice that inspires confidence in your brand.

That's where Kerry can help.

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Financial Times

Download 1Mb 0m 0s / 0m 42s


Download 462Kb 0m 0s / 0m 29s

Tourism Promo

NaturalYorkshire-native accent
Download 963Kb 0m 0s / 1m 00s

Microsoft Annual Awards

Voice of God
Download 867Kb 0m 0s / 0m 54s


Download 923Kb 0m 0s / 0m 58s

For further corporate reels, such as eLearners and explainers, please check the eLearners and Explainers demos.

What happy clients are saying

Kerry turned around a complex promo for a major German company in very quick time — but the result was still completely professional and immediately usable by the client, who was grateful for the work so urgently completed. We would use Kerry again at any time and we highly recommend him.

FF Films Wiesbaden

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Engaging and inspiring the viewer

Like corporates, documentaries are about telling a story. Kerry can deliver styles adjusted to the subject — whether factual for military documentaries, or engaging and empathising for social issue subjects.

NB - the photo is Kerry in Northern Afghanistan where he voiced a short documentary for NATO Forces deployed on Operation Resolute Support in Mazar-i-Sharif. Voicing documentaries by live directed session link or at your studio is a lot safer!

And if Kerry's vocal tones might suit your project, please request a quote from him.


Download 646Kb 0m 0s / 0m 40s


FactualCurrent Affairs
Download 894Kb 0m 0s / 0m 37s

Natural History

Download 396Kb 0m 0s / 0m 25s


Social Issues
Download 486Kb 0m 0s / 0m 30s

World War II

Download 224Kb 0m 0s / 0m 14s

What happy clients are saying

His recordings are always exceptional quality and read exactly to our expectations, saving us time and resource.

NATO Public Affairs Office

Explainers & e-Learners

Lifting your script off the page and into the mind of the learner…

Studies show that hearing and seeing, leading to understanding, are critical elements of explaining new information, procedures and practices. And as a seasoned and experienced voice actor, as well as a trained and qualified training design officer who scripted e-learners as part of course design, Kerry can help you with your e-learning and explainer projects.

You can hear Kerry's calm, reasoned tones and clear, paced diction (not everyone's first language is English) in his reels. If you like what you hear, please request a quote from him.

Pharma Medical

Download 2.8Mb 0m 0s / 2m 53s

LGBTQI+ e-Learner

Download 781Kb 0m 0s / 0m 49s

Med Technical

Download 1.9Mb 0m 0s / 2m 01s

Northern Consumer

Download 3.2Mb 0m 0s / 3m 23s

Music Bed e-Learner

Download 1.2Mb 0m 0s / 0m 30s

What happy clients are saying

Kerry voiced several of our animated films and he did an amazing job, with high quality, professionalism and flexibility. We were so pleased with the work he did for us and are already planning to hire him again. We can highly recommend him to everyone.

M.O., Scandinavian tech firm

Working with Kerry

3 Simple Steps

  1. Send him your short sample script (which he'll record for free) to
  2. If you like what you hear, request a quote.
  3. If his quote is acceptable, please email him the full script.

He'll then turn the script around within an agreed timescale. Fee includes up to 3 revisions to an unchanged script.

He can deliver WAV or MP3.

Easy — he's looking forward to helping you!

Social Media

You can reach Kerry on all the popular social media platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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